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Stand Sure was founded by Chris Anderson.

For a number of years, in addition to being the senior executive responsible for all of IT at a NE-Ohio-headquartered corporation, Chris was also responsible for SEO, PPC/SEM, ORM and display advertising. He spearheaded projects that helped his company achieve record sales in the depths of the "Great Recession".


Stand Sure is a Revenue Optimization™ company.

We help companies and nonprofits increase their revenues by identifying leaks in the web to revenue/action funnel and then by providing strategies, tactics and tools to reduce the leakage.

Practice areas include but are not limited to:

  • web to lead/sign-up
  • CE/UX - customer/user experience
  • optimizing information foraging patterns
  • B2U™ lead nurturing (email marketing automation)
  • sales professional CRM workflows
  • big data
  • analytics
  • closed-loop reporting
  • marketing attribution


Stand Sure is headquartered in Cuyahoga Falls, OH and services companies in the United States.


The idea for the company came to Chris while speaking at Dreamforce in 2012.

In early 2015 , he founded Stand Sure.


The experts you are paying don't play well together and don't focus on the big picture (revenue).

  • There's a (huge) gap between IT and marketing.
  • IT is often good at infrastructure. It is used to being acost, not a revenue engine.
  • Marketing often doesn't understand technology and data well enough to shepherd IT planners and project managers as they try to orchestrate solution architectures and configurations.
  • Your SEO experts are focused on keywords, links and the technical aspects of your online properties (i.e. getting people to your site — not revenue).
  • Your SEM/PPC experts are focused on keywords, clicks, cost per click, conversions (often form completions) and cost per action (i.e. getting people who sign up to your site — unless you sell widgets online, they aren't optimizing for revenue).
  • Your display & online video experts tell you that the placements are all about brand awareness — not conversions and definitely not revenue.

Our Success Management™ services will help you get better results from your experts and will help you grow your revenues — it's all about revenue!

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